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Since 2012 Cross Pacific Group provides connection between internationally available funds and projects around the globe. We understand needs and establish trust from both side – investors and project owners, make things possible. Being international company, we know how important to address local issues for foreign investments, protect assets and personal identities, transfer money internationally, minimize taxes.  By doing business across the borders, Cross Pacific contributes their part into making the world more open and safe place. Contact us to discuss what we can do together.


We accommodate requirements for various type and sizes of investments:

  • Safe parking of large funds through investments in solid real estate assets in stable countries

  • Predictable mid-range capital growth over period of time through investments in commercial development projects

  • Hi-yield projects in revolutionary hi-tech and energy sector start-ups for investors who are looking for extremely high return

  • Using trading facilities to use advantage for solid growth for smaller investors


To accommodate needs of transnational investments we provide:

  • Setup legal entities to suits individually every project and investors under various jurisdictions

  • Setup of on-shore and off-shore banking

  • Moving funds between countries, currencies, and various economics  

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